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Life in Legacy - Links & Acknowledgments

Links to other great sites:

~~~ Message Boards ~~~

Google alt.obits message board
Backup Celebrity Obits Messageboard

~~~ Obituary Sites & Pages ~~~
Celebrity Death Beeper

The Blog of Death
Wikipedia - Recent deaths
Historic Baseball
New York Times Obituaries
L.A. Times Obituaries
Washington Post Obituaries
Daily Telegraph Obituaries (UK)
El Mundo Obituaries (Spain)

~~~ Death-Related Sites ~~~

Who's Alive and Who's Dead
Dead Ball Era

Political Graveyard
Dead or Alive?
Hall of Famer Graves
The Doe Network
The Mothman Death List (Loren's site)
Cryptozoology and Fortean Obituaries (another Loren site)
Fuller Up: The Dead Musician Directory
Lifeline Calculator
The Death Clock
Died Today
Momento Mori - Death Photography
Parting Wishes (prepare for death)
Searchable Death Indexes
Social Security Death Index

~~~ My Friends & Other Cool Sites ~~~

The Actors Compendium
Noted Nonagenarians and Centenarians
Gerontology Research Group (a site for obituary writers)
Implosion World
Abandoned Memories
Home of Heroes (Includes Medal of Honor recipients)
Great Character Actors  
Ratt's Freakshow

~~~ Recommended freeware for web surfers ~~

Spybot - Search & Destroy
Pop-Up Stopper

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Special thanks to the following regular contributors and sources of inspiration:

Lori Richman
Dan Davidson
Amelia Rosner
Kerry Hearne
Tony Sullivan
Rusty White
Darrell Waddell
Loren Coleman
Alberto Naranjo
James Beck
Viki Reed
Trish Harris
Alan Abrams
Karen Carter
B. Stewart Caswell
Angie Fogo 
My friends at voyforums

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