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Life In Legacy - Week of March 29, 2003

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Paul Zindel - ’Effect of Gamma Rays’ author Daniel Patrick Moynihan - New York Senator Wolfgang Kuhn - Designed computer-based music instruction Terry Lloyd - British war correspondent Harry Eisenstat - Major league pitcher Sidney Castel - ’Pukatawagan’ singer William Putney - Trained WW2 war dogs Kenny Sinclair - Singer with The Six Teens Hans Hermann Groer - Disgraced cardinal Naim Sarafa - Iraqi education minister turned American William Wright - Soldier turned wife killer Peggy Conklin - ’Petrified Forest’ actress Adam Osborne - Developed first portable PC John G. Garcia - Ohio legislator Juan Jos? Calatayud - Latin jazz great Larry Moon - Georgia killer Jess Dow - College football coach Rick Zumwalt - Burly actor Janet Kelly - South American economist Victor Alba - Catalan historian John Michael Hooker - Oklahoma murderer  Msgr. Eduardo Boza Masvidal ? Expelled Cuban bishop  Dick O’Brien ? Director of Racing for Harley Davidson  Don Hood ? Character actor  Jack Corbett ? Founded socially conscious mutual fund Bruiser Brian Cox ? Northwest wrestler  Heinrich Neuy ? Bauhaus artist  Eisei Amamoto ? Monster movie actor  James Colburn ? Mentally ill murderer  Hoyt M. Wells ? President/CEO of Goodyear Manfred Durniok - Oscar-winning producer Father John Brosnan - Australia’s ’knockabout priest’ Dorothy Clarke Wilson - ’Prince of Egypt’ author Eddie Jaffe - Colorful press agent Goffredo Petrassi - Italian neo-classical composer Betty Zielinski - 50’s model for ’Girl in the Moon’ Barbara Smith-Coleman - Cancer retreat founder Allison Horn - College soccer player Alfonso Acampora - Walden House head Stash Kullman - Stock car racer Peg Dobbie - Abortion activist Emile Genest - ’Combat’ and ’Rat Patrol’ actor August Meier - Black historian Ivan Stambolic - Abducted Serbian president Buddy Pendergrass - Keyboard player for White Witch Robert Engelmore - A.I. expert Ted Carr - Composer Ron Cuzner - Milwaukee DJ Sister Mary Immaculata - ETWN star Daniel Ceccaldi - French actor B. Vincent Davis - Foreign policy expert Mark Londner - Miami newscaster Sammy Packard - Last surviving NASCAR founder Bert Charles - Ohio State football broadcaster Dr. Carlo Urbani - First identified SARS Chuck Hansen - Nuclear weapon historian Pat Kelly - Tight end for Jets and Broncos Ben Brady - ’Outer Limits’ and ’Perry Mason’ producer Geraldo Franca de Lima - Noted Brazilian author Henry Droz - Architect of modern music distribution  Jessica ? Cow that loved a moose The Osborne-1 portable computer by Adam Osborne Zoltan invented by Robert Bourque ’Girl in the Moon’ modeled by Betty Zielinski Mausoleum of Roy Bertelli - Finally filled Painting by Heinrich Neuy

News and Entertainment
Eisei Amamoto - Distinctive Japanese actor best known for roles in countless Japanese monster movies such as "Attack of the Mushroom People", "Atragon", "Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster" and "Godzilla’ Revenge", but who also had occasional roles great movies like Kirosawa’ "Yojimbo" and Woody Allen’ "What’ Up Tiger Lilly?", died March 23 in Kitakyushu, Japan of acute pneumonia at age 77.
Ben Brady - Producer in the early days of television on shows like "The Outer Limits", "Rawhide" and "Perry Mason", who had been a comedy writer on radio for Groucho Marx, Fred Allen and Ozzie & Harriet, and who was a founder of the Television Producers Guild of America, died March 20 in Los Angeles at age 94.
Juan Jos" Calatayud - Latin classical and jazz pianist, who was one of the first Mexican musicians to play jazz, who has directed Mexico’ National Symphony orchestra and Philharmonic, and recorded dozens of LP’ in a 30 year music career, died March 23 of renal failure at age 62.
Edwin "Ted" Carr - Internationally-respected New Zealand composer who penned the ballets "Electra" and "Caccati dal Paradiso" , and the opera "Nastasya" among his numerous compositions, died March 27 in Waiheke Island, New Zealand at age 76.
Sidney Castel - Canadian singer and musician who burst onto the scene in 2001 with the unlikely hit song "Pukatawagan", and was set to release his first full length LP on April 15, a comedic effort titled ’idney Castel, Live at Beaver Lodge", was found dead March 21 at his home in Manitoba of apparent natural causes at age 68. (Bill Hillman© -
Daniel Ceccaldi - Popular French actor who often played the lovable everyman in supporting roles, who made over 80 films and often worked with comedy director Pascal Thomas, died March 27 in Paris at age 75.
Peggy Conklin - Broadway actress from the 1930’ to 1950’ best known for the roles of Gabby Maple in "Petrified Forest" and Pam North in "Mr. and Mrs. North", who also had a brief career in Hollywood appearing in 5 films, died March 18 in Naples, FL at age 90, 96 or 100.
Ron Cuzner - Milwaukee DJ who hosted the popular "Dark Side" late night jazz program on eleven different radio stations since the late 60’, died March 27 of natural causes in Brown Deer, WI at age 64.
Manfred Durniok - German filmmaker who produced more than 400 films and who won an Oscar in 1981 for Best Foreign Film for "Mephisto", and was later nominated in the same category for "Colonel Redl", died March 7 in Berlin of a heart attack at age 68.
Emile Genest - Canadian actor who appeared several films including "The Cincinnati Kid" and the children’ adventure movies "Nikki " Wild Dog of the North" and Disney’ "The Incredible Journey", but may be best remembered for appearing in scores of military TV shows during the 60’ like "Combat" and "Rat Patrol", died March 19 of a heart attack in Hollywood, FL at age 81.
Don Hood - Character actor who appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows including the films "Ed Wood", "The River", "Cat People", "Absence of Malice" and 2002’ "Love Liza", and TV shows like "Murphy Brown" and "Highway to Heaven", died of heart failure on March 20 in Baton Rouge, LA at age 62.
Edna Iles - British concert pianist who rose to celebrity status as an international touring artist during the 20’ and 30’, and who became the first British pianist to perform Rachmaninov’s infamously difficult "Third Piano Concerto" at the age of 17, died Jan. 29 in Solihull, England at age 97.
Eddie Jaffe - Press agent known as a master promoter who represented a long list of famous clients and products including Joe Namath, Louisiana governor Jimmy Davis, Jackie Gleason, Marlon Brando, the Shah of Iran, Dorothy Dandridge, Ernie Kovacs and pay-per-view boxing, died March 25 in New York at age 89.
Terry Lloyd - Veteran British war correspondent who had worked for the ITN network for 20 years and was it’ longest serving reporter and the first correspondent killed on assignment in ITN’ history, was killed on March 22 in southern Iraq after being caught in "friendly fire" from allied tanks. He was 51.
Mark Londner - Well-respected south Florida television newscaster who had worked at WSVN channel 7 in Miami since 1973, and had won 10 Emmys and shared a Peabody award for reporting, died March 28 in Miami of melanoma at age 55.
Buddy Pendergrass - Keyboard player with the 60’ garage rock band The Tropics who was later with the 70’ glam rock band White Witch who recorded two LP’ for the Capricorn label, who was a mainstay in the Tampa rock scene for decades, died March 16 of cancer in Tampa, FL at age 55.
Goffredo Petrassi - Italian neo-classical composer who studied under the great Alfredo Casella, who first achieved recognition in 1932 with "Partita" (for orchestra), and later with his works "Preludio, Aria e Finale" (for cello and piano) and "Introduzion. e Allegro" (for violin and piano), died March 3 in Rome at age 98.
Kenny Sinclair - R&B/Doo-Wop singer who was a member of 1950’ group The Six Teens who had a top 40 hit in 1956 with "A Casual Look", and who also was an early member the R&B group The Elgins, died March 23 of prostate cancer in Rialto, CA at age 63.
Betty Zielinski - Woman who posed as the 1950’ version of the "Girl in the Moon" for Miller Beer, sitting on the moon among the stars lifting a glass of Miller High Life, who went on to a career in modeling and product demonstration, died March 21 in a car accident in Milwaukee at age 74.
Rick Zumwalt - Arm-wrestling champion and actor who appeared in numerous movies and TV shows usually playing strongmen, bullies and bikers in films like "Over The Top", "Batman Returns" and "Disorderlies", died March 19 in Desert Hot Springs, CA at age 51.

Bert Charles - Longtime radio broadcaster for Ohio State football games for 33 years, who worked for the school’ sports information department, and was program director, general manager and president of the Skyway Broadcasting Co., died March 21 of cancer at age 85.
"Bruiser" Brian Cox - Pacific Northwest wrestler who was a regular in the Portland indy scene and was an eight-time champion, was found dead on March 24 of a heart attack in his Portland, OR apartment at age 32.
Jess Dow - Founder of the athletic program at Southern Connecticut State University and the school’s football coach from 1948 to 1965, who led the football program to 16 winning seasons and who was elected to the NAIA Hall of Fame, died March 24 in Orange, NJ at age 86.
Harry Eisenstat - Major league pitcher for the Indians, Dodgers and Tigers who had a career record of 25-27 over seven seasons, and who beat Bob Feller in the final game of 1938 in a game where Feller struck out 18 batters but lost 4-1, died March 21 in Shaker Heights, OH at age 87.
Allison Horn - College soccer player at Texas Tech who played in 15 games for the Lobos in 2002, died March 26 in Bedford, TX from injuries suffered in a car accident several days earlier. She was 19 years old.
Pat Kelly - Football player as Syracuse University who played in the NFL from 1988 to 1991 for the Broncos and Jets as a tight end, died March 27 of brain cancer in Charlottesville, VA at age 37.
Stanley ’tash" Kullman - Midwestern stock car racer from the 50’ to the 80’, known for his "Polock Pink" numbered "4U" stock cars, died March 25 in Calumet City, IL at age 73.
Dick O’Brien - Longtime Director of Racing for Harley-Davidson, who transitioned HD from the KR750 bike to the XR750, and was the architect behind the Motor Company’s racing effort for nearly 30 years, died March 24 in Palm Coast, FL at age 81.
Sammy Packard - One of the 32 men and last survivor of that group that met in a hotel room in Daytona Beach in 1947 to form NASCAR, died March 23 in Fort Worth, TX at age 83.
Hal Taft - Public address announcer at Denver Broncos games at old Mile High Stadium for more than 25 years, who also did voice work and numerous commercials in the Denver Area, died March 24 of heart failure at age 76.

Art and Literature
Victor Alba - Catalan historian who became a leading Mexican journalist and American political scientist, who was born in Spain and lived in both Mexico and the U.S., who was best known for his for four-volume history of Catalunya "Historia del BOC y del POUM", died of cancer on March 10 in Barcelona, Spain at age 86.
Chuck Hansen - Historian and author who amassed the largest collection of declassified U.S. government documents regarding the U.S.’ use of nuclear weapons, who published several volumes of historical information including the landmark "U.S. Nuclear Weapons: The Secret History" and who was the editor of The Swords of Armageddon information service died March 26 in Palo Alto, CA of brain cancer at age 55.
Bruce Kurtz - Art critic, gallery curator and author who was an early champion of video art, and who wrote for numerous publications, especially Arts Magazine and Art in America, who wrote two art textbooks "Visual Imagination: An Introduction to Art" and "Contemporary Art: 1965-1990", and who was the curator of modern art at the Phoenix Art Museum, died March 22 in Phoenix of AIDS-related complications at age 59.
Geraldo Franca de Lima - Brazilian author and member of Brazil’ Academy of Letters, who wrote 12 novels including "Branca Bela", "Rio de Vida" and ’erras Azuis", died March 21 in Rio de Janeiro of organ failure related to diabetes at age 89.
August Meier - Expert on African-American history, who focused on the relationship of African-Americans’ intellectual history to the civil rights movement, and who wrote several notable books including "Negro Thought in America, 1880-1915" and "Black Detroit and the Rise of the U.A.W", died March 19 of a neurological disorder in New York at age 79.
Heinrich Neuy - Painter who was one of the last surviving artists to come from Germany’ Bauhaus painting school, which revolutionized art by combining artistic creativity with handicraft skills and turned out painters like Paul Klee and Oskar Schlemmer, but was shut down by the Nazis in 1933, died recently in Steinfurt, Germany of heart disease at age 91.
Barbara Smith-Coleman - Artist who founded the Smith Farm Center for the Healing Arts in Washington, DC, which offers retreats and programs for cancer patients, educational workshops and in-hospital arts and creativity programs, died March 26 in Annapolis, MD of cancer at age 71.
Dorothy Clarke Wilson - Author best known for her 1949 novel "Prince of Egypt" which became the basis for Cecil B. DeMille’ 1956 version of "The Ten Commandments" and the 1998 animated film "Prince of Egypt", who wrote 25 books and more than 70 religious themed plays, died March 26 in Orono, ME at age 98.
Paul Zindel - Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, screenwriter and author who wrote "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds" which opened on Broadway in April 1970 and ran for nearly two years, who wrote several other successful plays and the screenplays for the movies "Up the Sandbox" with Barbra Streisand and "Mame" which starred Lucille Ball, died March 27 of cancer in New York at age 66.

Politics and Military
B. Vincent Davis - Foreign policy and defense expert who was a consultant for all the major U.S. government departments involved with international affairs, who wrote more than a dozen books including "The Admiral’ Lobby" and "Reorganizing America’ Defense", died March 28 in Lexington, KY after a stroke at age 72.
John G. Garcia - Ohio state representative who was elected in the GOP sweep in 1994 but lost a re-election bid in 1998, and who became the first Hispanic to serve in the Ohio Legislature, died March 23 in Toledo, OH after a long illness at age 74.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan - Influential Democratic U.S. Senator from New York, known as a keen orator, who served four terms from 1977 until retiring in 2001 (Hilary Clinton won the seat he vacated), who was one of the first and most prominent of the neo-conservative Democrats and was one of the most memorable voices in national debates on such issues as national security, Social Security, welfare reform and family matters, died March 26 in Washington, DC from an infection after an appendectomy at the age of 76.
William Putney - Veterinarian and Marine captain who trained and led war dogs during the World War II campaign on the Pacific island of Guam and wrote of their heroism in his popular book "Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of World War II", died March 18 of cancer in Woodland Hills, CA at age 83.
Naim Sarafa - Former deputy minister of education in Iraq who emigrated to the United States in 1978 due to his Christian beliefs and became a prominent teacher in Michigan, died March 21 in Royal Oak, MI at age 97.
Ivan Stambolic - Communist leader and former president of Serbia who was forced from office in 1987 by Slobodan Milosevic but who continued to operate from the sidelines, who disappeared without a trace in August 2000 becoming one of the greatest criminal mysteries in Serbian history, was unearthed March 27 in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. He had been shot once in the head and authorities believe that 4 members of the JSO were responsible. His age was not stated.
Master Sgt. William Wright - Army Special Forces soldier who was charged with killing his wife last summer after returning from Afghanistan, and was one of four soldiers from that unit accused of killing their spouses during a six week period, hanged himself in his jail cell on March 23 becoming the third of the four suspected wife-killers to commit suicide. He was 36 years old.

Social and Religion
Alfonso Acampora - President and CEO of Walden House, one of California’ leading drug addiction treatment programs, which had recently been embroiled in accusations of corruption and welfare fraud, died March 23 in Berkeley, CA of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 61.
Roy Bertelli - Springfield, Illinois man known as "Mr. Accordian", who is best known for purchasing a $30,000 mausoleum for himself several years ago in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield (where Abraham Lincoln is buried), which has a 2,000-pound granite slab with an accordion engraved on it with the words "Lifetime Dedication to the Accordion", and has become a "must see" stop for graveyard aficionados, died March 22 at age 92.
Father John Brosnan - Beloved Australian priest known as "the knockabout priest", who served as the chaplain at the Pentridge Prison in Melbourne for 30 years and who as a vocal opponent of capital punishment helped end the practice in Australia in the late 1960’, died March 26 in Camberwell, Australia at age 83.
James Colburn - Paranoid schizophrenic convicted in the 1994 rape and murder of 55-year-old Peggy Murphy whom he picked up hitchhiking, and whose pending execution had brought strong protests from the anti-death penalty coalition, was executed on March 26 in Huntsville, TX at age 43.
Peg Dobbie - Social activist who was executive director of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) in New Hampshire, who was a key figure in former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen’s 2002 senate campaign, died March 24 in Merrimack, NH of breast cancer at age 59.
Hans Hermann Groer - Austrian Roman Catholic cardinal, who led the Vienna archdiocese from 1986 to 1995 and was head of the Austrian Bishop’ Conference, but scandalized the church in that nation with allegations that he molested students at an all-male Catholic boarding school years earlier, died March 23 of cancer in St. Poelten, Austria at age 83.
John Michael Hooker - Oklahoma man who used a butcher knife to kill his estranged wife and mother-in-law in 1988, and who had previously served time in prison for manslaughter, was executed by lethal injection on March 25 in McAlester, OK at age 49.
Jessica - The Vermont cow that made headlines in 1986 for her relationship with a moose, who was wooed by "Josh" for 76 days in front of numerous tourists and TV cameras, and whose story was told in the book "A Moose For Jessica", died in Shrewsbury, VT at age 23.
Msgr. Eduardo Boza Masvidal - Cuban bishop who was expelled after the 1957 revolution, accused of anti-revolutionary activities, who eventually settled in Venezuela and founded the Cuban Union in Exile, died March 15 in Caracas at age 87.
Larry Moon - Georgia man convicted of robbing and murdering 34-year-old Ricky Callahan at a convenience store in 1984, who was suspected of several other robbery/murders in the area but never tried, was executed by lethal injection on March 25 in Jackson, GA at age 57.
Sister Mary Immaculata Ryder - Nun with Our Lady of the Angels Monastery who appeared regularly on ETWN (Eternal Word Television Network), died March 26 of cancer in Hanceville, AL at age 47.

Business and Science
Robert Bourque - Inventor of Zoltan the Astrological Wizard, a coin-operated fortune-telling machine once popular in penny arcades, which featured a glass box on a pedestal and the disembodied head of a bearded man inside wearing a burnoose cupping a crystal ball in his hands and telling your fortune for a quarter, died March 22 in Duxbury, MA at age 82.
Rev. Dr. Jack Corbett - Co-founder of the Pax World Funds mutual funds company, the first of the socially conscious investers, whose funds omitted companies they found to be objectionable based on religious, social or environmental reasons like cigarette and alcohol companies, gun makers and casinos, died March 18 at age 82.
Henry Droz - Music industry executive who was considered the architect of modern music distribution, who was president and CEO of Universal Music from 1996 to 2000 and president and CEO of WEA Distribution from 1980 to 1996, died March 27 in Los Angeles after a heart attack at age 76.
Robert Engelmore - Computer expert on artificial intelligence who was director of the Heuristic Programming Project at Stanford University and who was editor of A-I (Artificial Intelligence) magazine, died March 25 of a heart attack after rescuing his 5-year old grandson while swimming in Hawaii. He was 68 years old.
Janet Kelly - American-born Venezuelan economist, political analyst, author and foreign affairs expert, who co-wrote the book "United States and Venezuela: Rethinking a Relationship", and had recently become the editor of the English-language Venezuelan newspaper The Daily Journal, was found dead on March 24 under a freeway overpass in Caracas of an apparent suicide. She was 56 years old.
Wolfgang Kuhn - Pioneer in the field of computer-assisted music instruction who developed the first teaching system in 1973 and who went on to design MusicMaster software, where a PC is interfaced with an alphaSyntauri keyboard, synthesizer and audio system, died March 10 in Palo Alto, CA at age 88.
Adam Osborne - Computer pioneer who founded Osborne Computer Corp. in 1981 and developed and marketed the first portable computer, the 23-lb Osborne-1 (pictured), but whose company plunged into bankruptcy two years later after the meteoric rise, and who chronicled his story in the 1984 book "Hypergrowth", died March 18 of a brain disorder at his sister’ home in Kodaikanal, India at age 64.
Dr. Carlo Urbani - Italian World Health Organization doctor who first identified the outbreak of the mystery illness SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), who was the president of the international aid organization Doctors Without Borders, and who contracted SARS when treating an American businessman who contracted SARS in Hanoi, succumbed to the illness March 29 in Thailand at age 46.
Hoyt M. Wells - President and CEO of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. from 1991 to 1995, who is credited with Goodyear’ turnaround following the takeover attempt by corporate raider James Goldsmith, died March 24 in Akron, OH at age 76.

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