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Life In Legacy - Week of September 14, 2002

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Kim Hunter - Streetcar and Apes actress Johnny Unitas - Football legend Katrin Cartlidge - Actress Marlene Marks - Columnist Helen Guiliani - Mayor's mom B. Roberto Cruz - University founder Georges-Andr? Chevallaz - Swiss president Lucas Moreira Neves - Brazilian cardinal Rulon Jeffs - Famous polygamist John Frank - Miranda attorney Jack Kelk - TV actor Omar Abas - Claimed to be 144 Peter Barton - Shaped cable TV Henri Rol-Tanguy - French resistance fighter Lark Chastain - Brandi's mom Uzi Gal - Machine gun inventor Billie Carr - Godmother of the Texas Liberals Pearlee Tolliver - The Jewel of the Dial Michael Elphick - Actor Erma Franklin - Soul singer Gilbert Johnson - Trumpeter Tony Walker - Murderer Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler - Famous rock wife Suter Kegg - Sports editor Pee Koelewijn - Christian who helped Jews Manny Gonzalez - Social activist Justine Liff - Boston parks commissioner Dennis Cooney - Soap actor Neculae Neacsu - Gypsy fiddler Frank Hewitt - Jazz pianist Peter Tetteroo - 'Ma Belle Amie' singer Jerry Boyd/F.X. Toole - Boxing trainer turned author Wesley Naylor - 'Mama' composer Cliff Gorman - Actor Tanjore Viswanathan - Flutist Rose Mendez - Architect Richard Holmes - Cancer patient battled Ashcroft David St. Aubin - Whale expert Betty Sawyer - Nevada first lady Rolf Fjelde - 'A Dolls House' translator Walt Reno - Vegas radio/TV personality Matt Sklom - Ferris State football player William Phillips - Partisan Review editor Philippe Wamba - Author Lloyd Biggle - S.F. Author David Grene - Greek tragedy translator Anthony Turkevich - Manhattan Project researcher Ed Warner - Disgraced basketball star Michael Passaro - South Carolina execution volunteer James Stinson - Electronic music pioneer Butch Hamilton - Singer with the Bop-Chords Painting by Ginger Riley Munduwalawala Ginger Riley Painter Building designed by Pedro Casariego Lee's Chicken founded by Lee Cummings

News and Entertainment
Katrin Cartlidge - British actress who appeared in a remarkable string of good films including "Topsy Turvy", "No Man's Land", "Breaking the Waves" and 2001's "From Hell" died of apparent food poisoning at age 41.
Dennis Cooney - Actor best known for appearing in the soap operas ?As the World Turns? (as Jay Stallings), ?The Secret Storm? and ?Love of Life? in the 60?s and 70?s, died Sept. 8 at age 63.
Michael Elphick - British actor best known for memorable roles in several English TV series as well more than 40 movies including "Quadrophenia" and "Elephant Man", died of an apparent heart attack at age 55.
Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler (real name Kathleen Hetzekian) - Model, Warhol actress and rock star wife who was married to New York Doll?s singer David Johansen and more notably to Aerosmith?s Steven Tyler (he paid the medical expenses related to her illness), and who was the mother of model Mia Tyler, died of brain cancer at age 51.
Erma Franklin - R&B singer and older sister of Aretha Franklin, who sang backup to Aretha on many of her hits including ?Respect?, and scored her own hit in 1967 with the original ?Piece of My Heart? (later a bigger hit for Janis Joplin), which was nominated for a Grammy, died of cancer at age 64.
Cliff Gorman - Actor best known for his Tony Award-winning role as Lenny Bruce in the Broadway play ?Lenny?, but appeared in some great movies like ?All That Jazz?, ?Ghost Dog? and ?Boys In the Band?, died of leukemia on Sept. 12 at age 65.
Kenneth "Butch" Hamilton - Tenor with the R&B doo-wop group the Bop-Chords, who sang on their memorable recordings of "Castle In The Sky" and "When I Woke Up This Morning", who was a member of various other vocal groups during the 1950's including the Sonics, the Five Wings and the Five Sins, and who later recorded as a soloist for both X and M-G-M as Kenny Hamilton, died Sept. 6 in New York City of cancer at age 65.
Frank Hewitt - New York based jazz pianist who performed with Cecil Payne, Howard McGhee, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, John Coltrane, and many others, died of cancer Sept. 5 at age 66.
Kim Hunter - Oscar-winning actress for "Steetcar Named Desire" in 1951 who is probably best known for her role as Dr. Zira in three of the Planet of the Apes movies, died of a heart attack at age 79.
Gilbert Johnson - Highly respected trumpet player who won a Grammy in 1969 for Best Classical Music Record as part of the Philadelphia Brass Ensemble, and who taught for many years at the University of Miami, died of kidney cancer at age 74.
Jack Kelk - Actor best known for his role on the TV series ?The Aldrich Family? as Homer Brown in 1949-50, and who also appeared on shows like ?Leave It To Beaver? and ?The Donna Reed Show?, died of a lung infection at age 81.
Wesley Naylor - Creator and composer of ?Mama, I Want to Sing?, the long-running gospel musical, as well as its two sequels, was found dead at his home Aug. 25 of unknown causes at age 44.
Neculae Neacsu - Romanian Gypsy violinist who signed his first recording contract only after the fall of communism in Romania in 1989 and played fiddle on 4 albums with the gypsy group Taraf de Haidouks, died Sept. 4 at age 78.
Walt Reno - Longtime Las Vegas radio and television personality who was also the announcer for ?The Mike Douglas Show?, died on Sept. 9 after surgery at age 75.
James Stinson - Record producer and half of the mysterious electronic music duo Drexciya (with Gerald Donald), considered one of the most important acts in the techno/electro music scene, died of heart failure at age 32.
Peter Tetteroo - Lead singer of the Dutch pop group Tee Set who had a big hit in the U.S. in 1970 with ?Ma Belle Amie?, died of liver cancer Sept. 5 at age 55.
Pearlee Toliver - Louisiana radio personality for nearly 30 years known as the ?Jewel of the Dial?, whose Sunday morning radio gospel show peppered with homespun advertising won her fans across the state and nation, died of a heart attack at age ?? (highly guarded secret).
Tanjore Viswanathan - Authority on Indian music and a celebrated flutist who recorded 7 albums and was the first Indian artist to be honored as a National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts, died of a heart attack Sept. 10 at age 76.

Jerry Boyd (aka F.X. Toole) - Longtime boxing trainer who became an author at age 70 with the critically acclaimed "Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner", a collection of boxing short stories, died after heart surgery Sept. 2 at age 72.
Lark Chastain - Mother of women?s soccer great Brandi Chastain, star of the 1999 U.S. woman?s World Cup soccer team, was found dead of unknown causes at age 56.
J. Suter Kegg - Longtime sports editor of the Cumberland Evening Times from 1941 until 1981, who served as the state chairman for the Heisman Trophy voting, died at age 85.
Matt Sklom ? Freshman football player at Ferris State University in Michigan who collapsed during a tackling drill, died from an injury to his heart on Sept. 11. He was 18.
Johnny Unitas - Legendary Hall of Fame quarterback for the Baltimore Colts who broke nearly every passing NFL record and won three championships in a career that spanned from 1956 to 1973, and who was voted the greatest quarterback of all time on the 50th anniversary of the NFL, died of a heart attack at age 69.
Ed Warner - College basketball star and tournament MVP for CCNY?s 1950 NCAA and NIT championship team, whose career was shattered (banned from the NBA) when he and 5 of his teammates were convicted in a point shaving scandal that led to 6 months in prison for Ed and the eventual disbanding of Division I basketball at CCNY, died of brain cancer at age 73.

Art and Literature
Lloyd Biggle ? Author best known for his science-fiction works who often wove musical and artistic themes into his stories in such novels as ?The Tunesmith? , died of leukemia on Sept. 12 at age 79.
Rolf Fjelde - Translator of the plays of Henrik Ibsen from Norwegian to English, including the classics ?A Dolls House and ?Peer Gynt?, which have been staged in the U.S. with great success, died Sept. 10 at age 76.
David Grene ? Translator of Greek tragedies into English, which have sold more than a million copies, including "Oedipus the King" and ?Prometheus Bound? died of a hemorrhage on Sept. 10 at age 89.
Marlene Adler Marks - Columnist who wrote "A Woman's Voice" for the Los Angeles Jewish Journal and who chronicled her experience with lung cancer in her columns, succumbed to the disease at age 54.
Ginger Riley Munduwalawala - Aboriginal artist called ?the boss of color?, whose works were among the first to blur the distinctions between Aboriginal and contemporary Australian art, died after a short illness at age 65.
William Phillips ? Co-founder and longtime editor of the Partisan Review, a magazine which was the most influential literary and political journal during the 1940?s, and served as the forum for a contentious group of New York writers, died Sept. 13 at age 94.
Marjorie Slaiman ? Award-winning costume designer at the Arena Stage in Washington DC for 26 years, including the play "The Great White Hope", which launched the career of James Earl Jones, and who also worked on Broadway, died of a heart ailment Sept. 13, at age 78.
Philippe Wamba ? Author who wrote about the stark differences between life in Africa and America in books like ?Kinship: A Family?s Journey in Africa and America?, and was editor-in-chief of, died in a car accident Sept. 11 while doing research for a book in Kenya, at age 31.

Politics and Military
Billie Carr - Democratic activist known as the ?Godmother of Texas Liberals?, who was a national Democratic committeewoman and delegate to all Democratic conventions since 1968, and who shook up conservative-leaning Democratic party in the 1970?s to a more liberal stance, died after a stroke at age 74.
Georges-Andr? Chevallaz - Swiss politician who became president of Switzerland in 1980 in that country?s rotating political system (he also was head of the Departments of Finance and Defense), and who wrote several books on Swiss history, died at age 87.
Uziel Gal - Inventor of his namesake, the Uzi submachine gun, introduced in 1955 and Israel?s most famous contribution to the arm?s industry and still considered one of the best available, died after a long illness at age 79.
Helen Giuliani - Mother of former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who was credited with teaching her only child a sense of history and public service, died at age 92.
Justine Liff - Boston?s first female parks and recreation commissioner who was responsible for initiating a systemwide restoration of Boston's Emerald Necklace park system, died of ovarian cancer on Sept. 11 at age 55.
Henri Rol-Tanguy - French resistance fighter who helped plan the liberation of Paris during WW2 and later became a leading French Communist Party leader, died at age 94.
Betty Sawyer ? Former first lady of Nevada from 1959 to 1966 when her husband Grant Sawyer was governor, died after cutting herself on a broken glass while loading the dishwasher and bled to death (eek!) on Sept. 11 at age 79.
Vincent F. Scarcelli - Pennsylvania state representative from 1955 to 1966 who was responsible for sponsoring the bill that allowed the sale of liquor on Sundays, but who was indicted for defrauding the state of $225,000 (he suffered a heart attack prior to trial, in which his co-conspirators were convicted, but his case was dismissed before trial at the rescheduled later date), died of cancer at age 88.
Kenneth Yablonski - Attorney and son of slain miners labor leader Jock Yablonski (whose story was told in the 1986 movie ?Act of Vengeance? with Charles Bronson as Jock and Alf Humphreys as Ken), who formed the Miners for Democracy organization that brought reform to the UMWA, died of a heart attack at age 68.

Social and Religion
Omar Abas - Malaysian man who claimed to be 144 years old, which would make him 22 years older than the record holder if true, died at age ???.
B. Roberto Cruz - Stanford professor and founder of the National Hispanic University, which he started in 1981 to combat the low numbers of Latinos enrolling in college, and which has grown into an accredited private college, died of cancer at age 61.
John P. Frank - High-profile attorney who represented Ernesto Miranda (of Miranda Rights fame) before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1966, and Anita Hill when she appeared before Congress in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, died at age 84.
Jim Fras - Russian immigrant to the U.S. who is credited with penning the Nebraska state song ?Beautiful Nebraska?, although there is some contention that the late Guy G. Miller actually wrote the lyrics as a poem, died after a long illness at age 77.
Louis ?Streaky? Gatto Sr. - Mafia figure who was captain of the Genovese crime family in north Jersey and who was sentenced to 65 years in prison in 1991 for an illegal gambling operation, died of prostate cancer at age 86 (His son Louis Jr. died in prison in 2000).
Manny Gonzalez - Civil Rights advocate of Hispanics and migrant workers in Michigan, who led the battle to improve work conditions and housing, died Sept. 8 after heart surgery at age 58.
Richard Holmes - Oregon cancer patient who fought Attorney General John Ashcroft's challenge of Oregon?s Death With Dignity Act, and won the ability to get a prescription of lethal medication to take his own life (he didn?t take it, only 91 have taken their own lives since this law passed, and over 900 have received the lethal prescriptions), died of colon cancer on Sept. 9 at age 73.
Rulon Jeffs - Leader of the US?s largest Mormon polygamist sect, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Hildale, Utah, who is reported to have had between 19 to 75 wives including a marriage in 1998 to a girl 70 years his junior, died at age 93.
Pee Koelewijn - Leader of the Christians for Israel, a Christian pro-Israel organization that has helped Ukrainian and Ethiopian Jews immigrate to Israel, died of heart failure at age 62.
Cardinal Lucas Moreira Neves - Brazilian cardinal, and a top Vatican official as president of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, who was once considered as a possible successor to Pope John Paul II, died at age 76.
Tony Muchard - Man whose family owned the field in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 crashed last September 11, died nearly one year to the minute after this event on Sept. 11 at 8:46 AM. He was 86 years old.
Michael Passaro ? South Carolina man who in 1998 burned his 2-year old daughter to death in a minivan to get even with his estranged wife, and intended to kill himself in the blaze but lived, was executed Sept. 13 by lethal injection after waiving all appeals. He was 40 years old.
Tony Walker - Texas man who in 1992 brutally clubbed to death an elderly Texas couple, Willie and Virginia Simmons, in their home while high on crack cocaine, was executed by lethal injection at the age of 36.

Business and Science
Peter Barton - Media mogul who was the architect behind the birth and growth of Liberty Media Corp., the world's largest provider of cable TV programming, died of stomach cancer at age 51.
Pedro Casariego - Noted Spanish architect who designed some of Madrid?s most prominent skyscrapers, and who was the father of the late poet and writer Pedro Casariego, died Sept. 8 at age 75.
Lee Cummings - Co-founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken with his uncle Col. Harlan Sanders, who later founded Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, that today has 155 stores, died of a heart attack Sept. 13, at age 80.
Irving Herman - Founder of Jumbo Food Stores which became the Shoppers Food Warehouse chain of 40+ stores in the Washington DC area, died at age 95.
Victor Leslie - European president of Sega, the Japanese computer games maker, died of asphyxia on Sept 8 after getting stung on the tongue by a wasp when he licked his ice cream (eek again!). He was 57 years old.
Rose Mendez ? Award-winning architect who won the competition to redesign Union Square in San Francisco, and who went on to teach at Cornell, UCLA and USC, died of cancer at age 32.
David St. Aubin - Director of research at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut and a renowned marine mammal scientist and expert on beluga whales, died of cancer on Sept. 10 at age 50.
Anthony Turkevich - Atomic researcher who was part of the Manhattan Project (yet another one gone), who also developed instruments to identify elements that make up meteors, the Moon, and Mars, died Sept. 9 at age 86.

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