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Life In Legacy - Week of August 17, 2002

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John Argue - 1984 Olympic backer Peter Matz - Emmy-award winning musical director Randy Renfrow - AMA racer Robert Barnes - Gay political consultant Sharkey Begovich - Casino owner Mickey Houser - Widespread Panic guitarist Kristen Nygaard - Computer programming pioneer Ole-Johan Dahl - Computer programming pioneer Jack Moebes - Photographer Bayard Sharp (left) - Bush friend Dr. Lyle Borst - Nuclear physicist Betty Bethards - Meditation expert Jiri Kolar - Poet and artist Gary Klott - Tax guru Paul Samson - Rocker Enos Slaughter - Hall of Fame baseball player Doris Wishman - Cult filmmaker Rick Chance - Empire Glass owner Vernon Welsh - Left Bank Jazz Society founder George Chalmers - Dambuster Friedel Sellschop - Nuclear physicist John McLaughlin - Marine General Paul Goranson - War artist Galen & Barbara Rowell - Nature photographers Ronnie Stephenson - Jazz drummer Nancy Chaffee - Tennis pro Ed Headrick - Father of the modern Frisbie Willis Hudlin - Pitched to Babe Ruth Russell Aitken - Big-game hunter Donald Biederman - Poster boy for skin cancer Randall Champion - Subject of Pulitzer-Prize winning photo Don Chastain - Actor Walter John Zwik - UAW founder Javier Medina - Executed in Texas Eugene Odum - Father of modern ecology Jim Thompson - Canadian Olympic Committee CEO Neal Travis - New York Post columnist Dave Williams - Drowing Pool singer Dr. Patrick Chavis - Figure in affirmative action Daniel Basile - Missouri contract killer Byron Belt - Classical music critic Robert Borkenstein - Inventor of the Breathalyzer Peter Hunt - James Bond editor Diane Lipton - Advocate for disabled children Tony Nastal - Memphis Belle gunner Larry Rivers - Abstract artist Kyle Rote Sr. - Football great James Thomson - Presidential advisor Marjorie Wyler - 'Eternal Light' producer John Bourcer - R.I. Supreme Court judge Jesse Brown - Clinton advisor Morgan Evans - Disneyland landscaper Wallace Fugate III - Georgia murderer Alfred Ligon - Aquarian Bookstore owner Vince Maloy - Rockabilly guitarist Gary McQuay - Purdue basketball player Wilber Morris - Jazz bassist J.Gordon Nichols - Kentucky press officer Gerald Perreau - Child actor Haim Tzadok - Israeli legal leader Stephen Yokich - UAW president Valentin Pluchek - Russian theatre director Richard Queen - Iran Hostage Dominick Geoffrey Edward Browne - The 4th Lord Oranmore and Browne Joe O'Gorman - CEO of DHL Everett Douglas Brown - Hosted 'The Book Club' on radio Thomas Paton - Blue Shield CEO Dani Talley - Actress Claude Gilstrap - Football coach at Texas-Arlington Roslyn Alfin-Slater - Nutrition expert Billy Baker Bybee - Bush barber Winifred Watson - 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' author Alpha Robertson - Mother of 1963 Birmingham church-bombing victim Carole Robertson


News and Entertainment
Everett Douglas Brown - Ames, Iowa radio broadcaster at WOI, who was behind the popular show ?The Book Club?, where he read over 250 books on the radio over the years, died of stomach cancer at age 66.
Don Chastain - Longtime stage actor who appeared in numerous TV shows like ?Hawaii 5-0?, ?Gunsmoke? (Emmy nomination), ?Rhoda?, ?The Debbie Reynolds Show?, ?Alice?, ?The West Wing? and numerous soap operas, died of cancer at age 66.
Stan Davis - Composer, singer and later photographer who sang on radio and TV (he was ?The Monitor Balladier? on NBC?s Monitor news show in the 50?s), and composed songs for Walt Disney and on the ?Captain Kangaroo? show, died at age 96.
Mickey Houser - Guitarist and vocalist for blues-rock group Widespread Panic, known for their large faithful following (ala Phish and Grateful Dead) died of pancreatic cancer at age 40.
Peter Roger Hunt Film director and editor best known for editing most of the James Bond movies in the 60?s including ?From Russia With Love? and ?Goldfinger? and later directing films like Charles Bronson?s ?Death Hunt?, died at age 77.
Vince Maloy - Rockabilly singer/guitarist known as ?Southern Maryland?s Original Rockabilly Cat? who was a regular on Milt Grant TV Show in Washington DC for many years and who is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, died of leukemia at age 69.
Peter Matz - Musical director, composer, arranger and orchestrator known for his long association with Barbra Streisand, who won Emmys for his work on TV shows for Streisand, Carol Burnett and Burt Bacharach, died of lung cancer at age 73.
Wilber Morris - Jazz bass player, who played on numerous jazz compilations and headed up jazz trio Wilber Force, died at age 64.
Gerald Perreau - Child actor and brother to actresses Gigi and Janine Perreau, who appeared in films including "Passage to Marseille", "Enchantment" and "Roseanna McCoy" and on TV in "Maverick" and "Perry Mason", and later became a successful writer who penned "They Saved Hitler's Brain", died of cancer at age 64.
Valentin Pluchek - Director of the immensely popular Moscow Theatre of Satire for 52 years, known for bringing fresh winds of thought during stodgy and fearful times, died at age 93.
Paul Samson - Guitarist for the NWOBHM group Samson (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) and a long time presence in the British heavy metal scene, died of cancer at age 49.
Aline B. Shader - Prolific composer who wrote more that 200 children?s songs including the well known ?Here In My House? with parts about Christmas and Hanukkah, died of brain cancer at age 66.
Ronnie Stephenson - One of the most sought-after session drummers in England who worked with Johnny Dankworth, Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins, Zoot Sims, Wes Montgomery and Ella Fitzgerald, died at age 65.
Dani Asher Talley (aka Dani Sue Nolan) - 1940?s and 50?s actress and former wife of director William Asher (before Elizabeth Montgomery), who appeared in several movies and on ?I Love Lucy? and ?Superman?, died from a stroke at 79.
Vernon Welsh - Founder of the Left Bank Jazz Society whose recordings of the society's Famous Ballroom concerts captured some of the greatest names in jazz, died of dementia at age 83.
Dave Williams - Lead singer of the heavy metal group Drowning Pool, who is currently on tour with Ozzfest and had a breakthrough hit last year with ?Bodies? from their debut LP ?Sinner?, was found dead in the band?s tour bus of unknown causes at age 30.
Doris Wishman - Cult movie and soft porn director and producer called "the most prolific female filmmaker of all time" with such titles as "Bad Girls Go To Hell", "A Night to Dismember" and 2002's "Each Time I Kill", died (we're pretty certain) of cancer (or something) at age 77 (or 90).

Nancy Chaffee - Pro tennis player in the 40's and 50's who was at one time ranked fourth in the world, played on the men's tennis team at USC (there was no woman's team), and left the circuit when she married baseball player Ralph Kiner, died of cancer at age 73.
Jack Dalton Creel - Pitcher with deformed hands who played for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1945 when many of the regular players were in the military during WW2, died at age 86.
Claude Gilstrap - College football coach at Arlington State (now Texas-Arlington) who is the winningest coach in that school's history, and who was a four-time national junior college coach of the year, died from Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s diseases at age 88.
Ed Headrick - Designer whose version of the Frisbie was patented by Wham-O, and who founded the International Frisbee Association and Disc Golf Association, and is a member of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame, died after a stroke at age 78.
Willis Hudlin - Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians from 1926 to 1940, who gave up Babe Ruth's 500th career home run in 1929, died at age 96.
Gary McQuay - College basketball player at Purdue University who was expelled from the team prior to the 1999 NCAA tournament because of academic and attitude problems, died of leukemia at age 24.
Randy Renfrow - Motorcycle racer and 3 time champ in the sport indirectly died from injuries he suffered in a crash at age 46 (OK, he fell down a flight of stairs, but he was in a body cast from the crash at the time).
Kyle Rote, Sr. - New York Giants football great who was the number one draft pick in the 1951 NFL draft, became the team captain for 10 years, played for the 1956 championship team, was the first president of the NFL Players Association, and was the father of soccer great Kyle Rote, Jr., died of emphysema at age 74.
Enos Slaughter - Hall of Fame baseball player who played in five World Series, but is best remembered for the "Mad Dash" where he scored from first base on a single that won the 1946 World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals over the Boston Red Sox, died after colon surgery at age 86.
Jim Thompson - Former Canadian sports broadcaster who took over as CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee last January after the sudden death of his predecessor Carol Letheren, died of a heart attack at age 60 (maybe Canada wasn?t meant to have the Olympics?).
John Zimmerman - Action photographer best known for his innovative sports pictures including 107 covers for Sports Illustrated and for whom SI has a 6-page tribute in their August 12 issue (I hope he got to see it), died of lymphoma at age 74.

Art and Literature
Byron Belt Longtime national music critic for the Newhouse News chain of newspapers, who was well known for his ?Commandments of Concert Etiquette? articles, died of kidney failure at age 73.
Betty Bethards - Expert and author of books about meditation and dream interpretation, including the best-seller "The Dream Book", died after a stroke at age 68.
Randall Champion - Power company lineman who became the subject for the 1967 Pulitzer-prize winning photograph ?The Kiss of Life? when his photo was taken by photographer Rocco Morabito after he was electrocuted on a power pole and received mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from apprentice J.D. Thompson, died of heart failure at age 64.
Paul A. Goranson - WW2 artist who produced hundreds of paintings and illustrations to capture the life of the Canadian forces overseas (U.S. war painter Edward Brodney died last week), died at age 91.
Jiri Kolar - Czeck poet and artist whose poems were banned by the communists in the late 40's (he was also jailed for 9 months), and who changed to artwork when the ban on his poetry was lifted, only to have his artwork banned by the communists in the late 60's, died at age 87.
Razzaq Mahar - Noted Sindhi playwright and short-story writer, regarded as one of the best creative writers the Sindhi language, died of a heart attack at age 48.
Jack Moebes - Photographer best known for his 1960 pictures of the sit-in at Greenboro's segregated Woolworths's diner by several black college freshmen who refused to leave until they were served, and and also known for his pictures of vegetables that look like animals (seriously!), died of pneumonia at age 91.
Larry Rivers - American abstract artist and sculptor considered a pioneer of pop art, whose retrospective is currently being shown at the Corcoran Gallery, died of cancer at age 78.
Galen and Barbara Rowell - Husband and wife nature photographers whose work had been published in numerous magazines and books (Galen wrote 18 books on photography) died when their charter plane crashed while returning from the Arctic. He was 61 and she was 54.
Doris Buchanan Smith - Author of juvenile books best known for the 1973 award-winning ?A Taste of Blackberries?, about a boy who must suddenly cope with the death of his best friend, died of bone cancer at age 68.
Neal Travis - Longtime editor and gossip columnist for the New York Post and the original editor of the ?Page Six? column and close friend to media mogul Rupert Murdoch, died of cancer at age 62.
Winifred Watson - British author whose classic 1938 book ?Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day?, about a nanny sent to the home of a nightclub singer by mistake, was re-printed in 2000 and released to a wide audience and critical acclaim, died at age 95.

Politics and Military
Robert Barnes - San Francisco political consultant who specialized in campaigns for gay and lesbian candidates, died of neurological disorder Gillain-Barre syndrome at age 42.
John P. Bourcier - Rhode Island Supreme Court justice who was appointed in 1995 and was known as ?Maximum John? for his tough sentences, died of cancer at age 75.
Jesse Brown - Secretary of Veteran Affairs under Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997 who fought to expand veteran?s benefits to cover post-traumatic stress disorder and exposure to Agent Orange, died of Lou Gehrig?s disease at age 58.
Dominick Geoffrey Edward Browne - The 4th Lord Oranmore and Browne, who is believed to hold the record as the longest-serving member of England's House of Lords, having taken his seat in 1927 and serving until evicted under the Government's reforms of 1999, died at age 100.
George Chalmers - Flight sargeant of the famed British "Dambusters" squadron who during WW2 destroyed the hydroelectric dams of the Ruhr flooding German munitions plants, died at age 81.
Frederick Garfield - FDA Chemist who organized the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs at the Justice Department in Washington, which today is called the Drug Enforcement Agency, died at age 88.
Lt. Gen. John McLaughlin - Marine Lt. General who served during 3 wars and spent 3 years in a POW camp, died of cancer at age 83.
Casimer ?Tony? Nastal Right waist gunner and youngest member of the crew of the famed Memphis Belle, who flew 25 missions over Nazi-occupied Europe during WW2, died of heart failure at age 78.
J. Gordon Nichols - Longtime press officer in Kentucky state government for the departments of military affairs, public information and education, the Kentucky State Police, Justice Cabinet and the office of Lt. Gov. Brereton Jones, and who was also general manager of WMKY Radio in Morehead died of cancer at age 54.
Bayard Sharp - Dupont heir and close friend of former president George Bush died at age 89.
James C. Thomson - Far Eastern expert who served as an advisor in both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, but left politics because of his opposition to U.S. involvement in Vietnam, died of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest at age 70.
Haim Tzadok - Israeli attorney who was one of the leaders of Israel's Labor Party and the country's legal system, died of a heart attact age age 89.
Stephen P. Yokich - Two-term president of the UAW from 1995 until just two months ago, who fought to improve the lives of the union members, died after a stroke at age 66.
Walter John Zwik - Auto worker who was one of the driving forces behind the original founding of the UAW in 1937, died of heart and renal failure at age 85.

Social and Religion
Russell Aitken - Famed big-game hunter, skeet-shooter, conservationist and artist known for ?social shooting? with celebrities, including safaris to Africa, died of Parkinson?s at age 92.
John Argue - Los Angeles civic leader and chairman of the USC board of trustees who was instrumental in bringing the Olympics to Los Angeles in 1984 died of leukemia at age 70.
Daniel Basile - Missouri man sentenced to death for the 1992 shooting death of a 28-year old St. Louis woman in a murder-for-hire plot by her husband, was executed by lethal injection at age 35.
Milos 'Sharkey' Begovich - Owner of Sharkey's Nugget Casino in Gardnerville Nevada, home to one of the largest collections of western and historic memorabilia, died of cancer at age 76.
Donald Biderman - Los Angeles attorney who lost his nose and cheek to skin cancer and gained notoriety for doing a public service commercial to show the dangers of too much exposure to the sun, succumbed to the disease at age 67.
Billy Baker Bybee - Houston barber whose clientele included luminaries George Bush, Sr., Bum Phillips, Alan Shepard and Ben Johnson, died of a heart attack at age 73.
Dr. Patrick Chavis - Physician who was a central figure in the landmark 1973 affirmative action case "Bakke vs. the Regents of the Board of the University of California", where Bakke (who is white) sued the school for admitting Chavis (who is black) who had less qualifications and lower scores (Bakke won the case), and whose experience was years later used in arguments for affirmative action (he returned to practice in the inner city, benefiting society) and against it (he was incompetent, killing one patient, and eventually losing his licence), died from gunshot wounds during a robbery attempt at age 50.
Morgan 'Bill' Evans - Landscaper at Disneyland since the 50's who imported vegetation from all over the world to give attactions authentic feels, died at age 92.
Wallace Fugate III - Georgia man who was convicted of shooting his wife to death in front of their 15-year old son (who testified against his father in court and was later slain in 1996), was executed by lethal injection at age 52.
Diane Lipton - Lawyer and advocate who compaigned for mainstream education for disabled children, and who was later program director for the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, died of cancer at age 57.
Javier Suarez Medina - Mexican citizen who was convicted in Texas of shoting an undercover officer to death during a drug deal in 1988 as a 19-year old was executed by lethal injection at age 33.
Richard I. Queen - One of the hostages in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, who was set free as a humanitarian gesture by the Iranians when he became ill (he was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis), died of MS at age 51.
Alpha Robertson - Mother of 1963 Birmingham church-bombing victim Carole Robertson, who testified in court last year from her wheelchair in the trial of Bobby Frank Cherry, the last suspect to come to justice, died of cancer at age 83.
Marjorie Goldwasser Wyler - Producer of the NBC Radio program ?Eternal Light?, a program which was broadcast from 1940 to 1985 and dealt with Jewish religious themes, died at age 86.

Business and Science
Roslyn Alfin-Slater - Nutrition expert and author of "Human Nutrition, A Comprehensive Treatise", who was one of the first to downplay the role of dietary fat in cholesterol levels and heart disease, died after a stroke at age 86.
Robert F. Borkenstein - Indiana University professor and former state police captain who invented the Breathalyzer while working in a crime laboratory in 1954, died at age 89.
Dr. Lyle Borst - Nuclear physicist who was an early member of the Manhattan Project and later led the construction of Brookhaven National Laboratory nuclear reactor, the first reactor solely for "peacetime" uses of atomic energy, died at age 89.
Rick Chance - Former owner of Arizona-based Empire Glass Co., a windshield replacement company, and star of its television and radio commercials, was found shot to death in a hotel room, apparently during a robbery. He was 44.
Ole Johan-Dahl - Computer scientist who with partner Kristen Nygard (see below) was credited with inventing object-oriented programming, which is the basis for PC programming and who was awarded the prestigious A.M. Turing Award in April 2002, died June 29 at age 71.
Gary L. Klott - Former New York Times reporter who became a tax expert and founded the website, died of undisclosed causes at age 52.
Alfred Ligon - Longtime owner of the Aquarian Book Shop in Los Angeles, the oldest continuously operated black-owned bookstore in the country, from 1941 until it was destroyed in the 1992 L.A. riots died at age 96.
Kristen Nygaard - Computer scientist who with partner Ole-Johan Dahl (see above) was credited with inventing object-oriented programming, which is the basis for PC programming and who was awarded the prestigious A.M. Turing Award in April 2002, died of a heart attack at age 75.
Eugene Odum - The father of modern ecology, who brought this area of study out from being a branch of biology into it?s own field, and who established the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, one of the world?s largest outdoor scientific preserves, died of a heart attack at age 88.
Thomas Paton - CEO from 1966 to 1991 of Blue Shield of California, one of the nation?s largest health-care financing organizations, died of undisclosed causes at age 79.
Joe O'Gorman - President and CEO of DHL Airways, an express air delivery company, died of a heart attack at age 59.
Friedel Sellschop - Nuclear physicist who is credited with discovering the existance of the neutrino, a sub-atomic particle, in nature, died at age 72.

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