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Life In Legacy - Week of August 3, 2002

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Boris Alexandrov - Russian hockey star Joe Allison - Songwriter Tony Anholt - Space 1999 actor Buddy Baker - It's a Small World composer George Batchelor - Arrow Air founder Peter Bayliss - British actor Dr. C. James Carrico - Kennedy doctor Wallace Carroll - Newspaper editor Stephen Cary - Famous Quaker Mike Clark - Dallas kicker Roberto Cobo - Mexican actor Frank Connell - Olympic bicyclist Pete Coscarart - MLB pension fighter Maurice Denham - Busy British actor Lisa Derman - Holocaust survivor Rudiger Dornbusch - Outspoken economist Myron Du Bain - Fireman's Fund CEO Walter A. Fallon - Kodak CEO Duncan Ford - British soap actor Earl Frederick - Murderer Jessica Freedman - Advice columnist Kenny Gardner - Crooner Clark Gesner - Charlie Brown composer Robert Giard - Photographed gay authors Marv Goux - Mr. Trojan Steve Grissom - Health activist Gerald Gunther - Supreme Court expert Billy Ray Hobley - Harlem Globetrotter Bernard Haldane - Career advisor Frank Inn - TV animal trainer Krishan Kant - India's VP Robert Kasik - Racecar driver Little Jimmy King - Blues guy Koban Chino Roshi - Zen master Richard Liddicoat - Dean of gemologists Earnest Manheim - Sociologist Lorna Marshall - Anthropologist Dr. David Maurice - Specular microscope inventor Willie McClurg - Steelers tackle Ariel Melchior - Virgin Islands icon Leonard Miller - Lennar Corp. founder Sadako Moriguchi - Uwajimaya matriarch Phil Oesterman - Broadway director Joel Oliansky - Movie & TV writer/director Dolores Olmedo - posed nude at 12 Louis Owens - American Indian novelist Pedro Pacheco - Boxing family patriarch Pico Payne - Singer Evdokia Petrov - Soviet spy Art Popham - Batboy to PR director Harry Quadracci - Quad Graphics president Roy Dean Ratliff - Rapist killed by deputies Fred Rice - Disney animator Lelan Rogers (barely visible but at least it's a picture) - Record executive Ted Rose - Train painter Ed Runge - Umpire Atef Salem - Movie director Harold Samuels - Art scholar Amber Sexxxum - Porno actress Roscoe Shelton - R&B singer Philip Simmons - ALS victim Esphyr Slobodkina - Childrens author Leonard Smith - Successor to Sousa Phil Smith - Golden State Warrior David Spanbauer - Child killer Hank Stack - TV interpreter Idrees Sulieman - Bebop trumpeter Florence Syer - Heroic nurse Julius Tahija - Indonesian businessman Dr Laszlo Tauber - Helped Jews in WW2 Gaynell Tinsley - Star football player at LSU Mel Triplett - Football player Harry Walker - Speaking agency founder Ron Walotsky - Science fiction artist Ernest Watanabe - Rose King of Hawaii Gerhard Wessel - German intelligence head Samantha Williamson - Abducted and murdered Charles Wysocki - Commercialized painter Donald Pease - Ohio congressman Albert Whitmore - WW1 calvaryman Jack Tighe - Tiger manager Bill Mallow - Liquid paper inventor Kouhei Matsuda  Mazda chairman Angus Montagu - Duke of Manchester who spent time in prison Beached Whales of Dennis Russian Tea Room - Goodbye Vanguard Airlines - Kaput

News and Entertainment
Joe Allison - Songwriter and one of the most influential figures in the rise of modern country music who wrote "Teen Age Crush", "He'll Have To Go", "He'll Have To Stay", and "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young", was one of the founders of the CMA, and was elected to the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 1978 died of lung disease at age 77.
Tony Anholt - British actor and father of actor Christien Anholt, best known in the U.S. for his role as Tony Verdeschi in the T.V. series "Space 1999", died of a brain tumor at age 61.
Norman "Buddy" Baker - Composer for Disney TVand movies who will best be remembered for writing the ever-annoying "It's A Small World" song at Disneyland died at the age of 84.
Peter Bayliss - British actor best known in the U.S. for his recurring roles on "The Avengers" died at age 79.
Roberto Cobo - Popular Mexican actor best remembered for his role as a desperate street thug in Luis Bunuel's 1950 classic "Los Olvidados" died of cancer at age 72.
Maurice Denham - British character actor who appeared in over 100 films including "Day of the Jackyl", "84 Charing Cross Road" and "Nicholas & Alexandra", died at age 92.
Duncan Ford - British teen actor on the soap opera Byker Grove fell accidently to his death from a bridge at age 16.
Kenny Gardner - Smiling crooner for over 30 years with Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians died of a heart attack at age 89 .
Clark Gesner - Composer and lyricist of the musical "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" which originally opened in 1967 (with Gary Burghoff as Charlie Brown!) died of a heart attack at age 64.
Frank Inn - Animal trainer for TV and movies, including Benji and Arnold the pig, whose name you always saw in the credits at the end of those great 60's TV shows like Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction died of diabetes complications at age 86.
Little Jimmy King (Manuel Gales) - Blues guitarist and vocalist who recorded solo, with The Gales Brothers and as a member of Albert King's band died of a heart attack at age 35.
Phil Oesterman - Broadway director and long-time associate of Tommy Tune who wrote and was to direct the upcoming musical "Urban Cowboy" (yes, based on the movie) died of a heart attack at age 64.
Joel Oliansky - Emmy-award winning writer and director for such films as "The Competition" and "Bird" and TV shows "The Law", "Emergency" and "Kojak", died of Guillaine-Barre syndrome at age 66.
Simon "Pico" Payne - Singer with Alvino Rey and a 70's reincarnation of the Ink Spots and who was a nightclub fixture in Honolulu for many years died at age 76.
Fred Rice - Disney animator (not a good year for these guys) who worked on such films as "Fantasia," "Pinocchio" and "Dumbo", who later designed LP covers and merchandise for Capitol records, died at age 85.
Lelan Rogers - Recording industry executive and oldest brother of singer Kenny Rogers, who started the International Artists, Lennox and Silver Fox record labels and produced artists such as 13th Floor Elevators, Bettye Lavette and Big Al Downing, died of respiratory failure at age 74.
Atef Salem - Acclaimed Egyptian director who made 54 films most notably "They Made Me A Criminal" died after a stroke at age 74.
Alvin Sapinsley - TV writer for "The Alcoa Hour" who was blacklisted for attending some Communist Party meetings, but returned to writing on TV in the 60's in such shows as "Hawaii 5-0", "The Untouchables", "Kojak" and "Night Gallery" died from pneumonia at age 80.
Amber Sexxxum (aka Laura Ley Bailey) - Porno actress who starred in films like "Head Trip" and "Six Degrees of Seduction 2" was found dead in her home of undisclosed causes at age 31.
Roscoe Shelton - Nashville-based R&B vocalist who had hits in the 60's with "Strain on My Heart" and "Easy Going Fellow" and who toured with Earl Gaines until recently died at age 70.
Leonard Smith - Brass band leader considered the "successor to Sousa" and whose trumpet call was heard on The Lone Ranger, died of a heart attack at age 86 .
Hank Stack - Portland OR sign language interpreter on KGW TV for over 30 years (one of the first in the country) died at age 84.
Idrees Sulieman - Bebop trumpeter and one of the first bebop performers along with Kenny Clarke and Thelonious Monk, who worked with Earl Hines, Dizzy Gillespie and Benny Carter (among many others) died at age 78.

Boris Alexandrov - Star Russian hockey player and coach who won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics as a player and coached Kazakhstan in the 1998 games was killed in a car accident at age 46.
Mike Clark - Kicker for the 1971 Super Bowl Dallas Cowboys remembered for one of the most embarrassing kickoffs during a 1969 playoff loss to the Cleveland Browns died of melanoma at age 61.
Frank Connell - U.S. Bicycling Hall of Famer who competed in the 1932 Olympics died at age 92.
Pete Coscarart - Major league second baseman for the Dodgers and Pirates, best known for his fight for pension money from MLB including current commissioner Bud Selig, died of an aneurysm at age 89.
Marv Goux - Football player and assistant coach at USC over a 30 year period who became known as "Mr. Trojan" (school nickname - not the condom) because of this association died of cancer at age 69.
Billy Ray Hobley - Harlem Globetrotter known as "Supertrotter" who played with the Globetrotters for 22 years died of a heart attack at age 48.
Robert Kasik - 27-year veteran of the race car circuit who won the 1996 to 1998 Showcase National series was killed in a wreck during a race in Wisconsin at age 56. (It seems we have one of these a week doesn't it?)
Willie McClung - Football player who was both an offensive and defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the mid-1950s died of kidney failure at age 72.
Pedro Pacheco - Patriarch and boxing coach whose 5 sons all became semi-professional boxers died of a heart attack at age 57.
Art Popham - Batboy for the Kansas City Athletics who rose through the ranks to become public relations director for the Oakland A's and later a columnist in Tacoma Washington, died after a stroke at age 52.
Ed Runge - Major league umpire from 1954 to 1970 and father of M.L. umpire Paul Runge and grandfather of M.L. umpire Brian Runge, died at age 87.
Phil Smith - All-American guard at University of San Francisco who went on to play basketball for the Golden State Warriors in their 1977 championship team and who was later inducted in to the USF Hall of Fame died of bone marrow cancer at age 50.
Jack Tighe - Manager of the Detroit Tigers for a season and one half in 1957-58 died at age 88.
Gaynell "Gus" Tinsley - Star football player at LSU in the 1930's who played 3 seasons in the NFL before returning to LSU to coach from 1948-54, died at age 87.
Mel Triplett - Fullback on the 1956 New York Giants NFL champs who later played for the Minnesota Vikings and is a member of the Toledo University Hall of Fame died of diabetes complications at age 71.

Art and Literature
Jessica Freedman - Author and internet advice columnist, who with her twin sister Alison Dunham were the "Advice Sisters" and wrote the book "Recruiting Love: Using the Business Skills You Have to Find the Love You Want", died of congestive heart failure at age 48.
Robert Giard - Photographer who made a living by travelling around the country taking black-and-white pictures of gay and lesbian writers and publishing them (Maybe I can take pictures of Methodist milkman and make some money) died of a heart attack at age 62.
Ariel Melchoir - Founder of The Virgin Islands Daily News and who was a person of great influence on Virgin Island politics and culture for many years died at age 93.
Dolores Olmeda Patino - Famed and combative Mexican art collector, who modeled nude at age 12 for Diego Rivera for 27 drawings, and later turned her hacienda into a shrine to the artist, died at age 88.
Louis Owens - Leading author and scholar of American Indian fiction who wrote the novels "Wolfsong", "Nightland" and "Dark River" as well as the award winning study ``Mixedblood Messages: Literature, Film, Family, Place'' died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 54.
Ted Rose - Watercolor painter best known for his paintings of trains and his loyal following of admirers died of cancer at age 61.
Harold Samuels - American art scholar who wrote or edited 10 volumes on American art history died at age 85.
Philip Simmons - Author who chronicalled his long battle with ALS in the book "Learning To Fall: The Blessings of an Imperfect Life" died of the disease at age 45.
Esphyr Slobodkina - Children's author best known for the mulit-million selling "Caps For Sale" (about monkeys stealing the wares of a cap salesman) died at age 93.
Ron Walotsky - Science-fiction artist whose work has appeared on over 500 book covers including "Queen of the Damned" by Anne Rice and "Carrie" by Stephen King died after a brief illness at age 58.
Charles Wysocki - Popular and prolific painter of Americana whose paintings each contain an American flag and have been reproduced in puzzles and T-shirts died of organ failure at age 73 .

Politics and Military
Wallace Carroll - Newspaper editor whose 1967 editorial "Vietnam - Quo Vadis?" in the Winston-Salem Journal & Sentenial influenced Lyndon Johnson not to run for re-election died at age 95.
Gerald Gunther - Supreme Court expert who wrote several texts, most notably the casebook "Constitutional Law" and was often mentioned as a possible candidate for the land's highest court died of lung cancer at age 75.
Krishan Kant - Vice President of India who just last month was passed over as choice for the presidency of India died of a heart attack just days before his term as VP was to end at age 75.
Donald Pease - Congressman from Ohio who served from 1977 to 1993 whose expertise was tax and trade legislation died of heart ailments at age 70.
Evdokia Petrov - Soviet spy who made headlines around the world when she and her husband defected from the U.S.S.R. to Austrailia in 1954 died after a back operation at age 88.
Florence Syer - The Australian nurse and WW2 hero whose story was told in the 1997 film "Paradise Road" who survived 18 hours in the water after her evacuation ship was bombed and sunk, then survived bombings and machine gun fire that killed 22 other nurses and spent 3 years as a POW in Japan died at age 86 .
Gerhard Wessel - Former head of German intelligence agency BND who got his start as an official under Adolf Hitler, died at age 88.
Albert Whitmore - One of the last members of Australia's World War I Light Horsemen calvary died at age 102.
Ruth Wallace Wijkman - Sister of former Vice President Henry A. Wallace and daughter of Secretary of Agriculture Henry C. Wallace who founded the Junior League of Des Moines in 1926 died of kidney failure at age 100.

Social and Religion
Beached Whales of Dennis - Fifty-six pilot whales who beached themselves of the coast of Dennis, MA died (or were euthanized) after great efforts to save them.
Dr. C. James Carrico - Doctor who as a 28-year old surgical resident in Dallas was the first physician to see President John F. Kennedy after he had been shot on November 22, 1963 (imagine how nerve racking that must have been), died of colon cancer at age 67 (or so they say it was colon cancer?!?).
Stephen Grellet Cary - Head (but called a "Clerk") of the Quaker humanitarian organization American Friends Service Commitee for the last 23 years (everyone in the organization is a "clerk") died at age 86.
Lisa Derman - Holocaust survivor who escaped the Nazis at age 14 but saw most of her family massacred died of a heart attack on stage recounting her story with her last words being "Please remember this story and tell it to others because I don't know how long I will be here". She was 74.
Earl Frederick - Former Oklahoma police chief who was convicted in 1992 of murdering a partially paralyzed Vietnam veteran who was helping Frederick by letting him stay at his house was executed at age 51.
Steve Grissom - Health activist who founded the National Association for Victims of Transfusion-Acquired AIDS after contracting the disease in 1985 from a transfusion succumbed to the disease at age 52.
Ernest Manheim - Sociologist, philosopher and author who was a key figure in the Brown vs. the Board of Education trial in 1955 died at age 102.
Angus Montagu - England's 12th Duke of Manchester who spent 3 years in a Virginia prison for fraud (among other things stealing $50,000 from the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team), died of a heart attack at age 63.
Roy Dean Ratliff - Man who kidnapped and raped two Bakersfield, California-area teenage girls last week was shot to death by deputies when he failed to surrender. He was 37.
Kobun Chino Roshi - Zen master, scholar and poet who held the World Wisdom Chair designation and was a mentor and friend of Apple Computer's Steve Jobs drowned while trying to rescue his 5 year old daughter Maya who also died. He was 64.
David Spanbauer - A paroled sex-offender who became a Wisconsin serial killer convicted of abducting an murdering 2 little girls who were riding bicycles, died of liver disease at age 61.
Dr. Lazlo Tauber - Hungarian-born surgeon who was credited with saving thousands of Jews from concentration camps by forging hospital paperwork died at age 87.
Cassandra Williamson - St. Louis area girl abducted by drifter Johnny Johnson, who was staying with her family as a favor to her mother's sister, was found murdered. She was 6 years old.

Business and Science
George Batchelor - Founder of Arrow Air, an aviation maintenance and air cargo firm, who is thought to have donated over 100 million dollars to charity throughout the years died of cancer at age 81.
Rudiger Dornbusch - Outspoken M.I.T. economist whose foresaw many of the economic crises faced in Central and South American countries died of cancer at age 60.
Myron Du Bain - Former CEO at Fireman's Fund Insurance from 1974 to 1982 who lead the company through record earnings growth, died of cancer at age 79.
Walter A. Fallon - C.E.O. of Eastman Kodak from 1972 to 1983 during a period of great technological breakthrough that lead to tripling of sales died of undisclosed causes at age 84.
Bernard Haldane - Author and founder of Bernard Haldane and Assoc. career counseling services for high income executives, which has come under fire in recent years with fraud accusations, died of congestive heart failure at age 91.
Richard Liddicoat - Diamond-grading expert considered the "dean of gemologists" who developed the International Diamond Grading System based on cut, color, clarity and carat weight, died at age 84.
Bill "The Mad Scientist" Mallow -Prolific inventor who helped develop numerous products over the years including liquid paper, scoopable cat litter and the bug zapper died of leukemia at age 72.
Lorna Marshall - English teacher and housewife who in her 50's became a noted anthropologist and expert on African Bushman writing several books about them, died at age 103.
Kouhei Matsuda - Head of Mazda from 1970 to 1977 when he took over after his father Tsuneji Matsuda died, and who owned and managed the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team, died of stomach cancer at age 80.
Dr. David Maurice - Ophthalmologist and eye researcher credited with inventing the specular microscope, the device pinpoints individual cells, and is heavily used today in laser eye surgery, died of a liver tumor at age 80.
Leonard Miller - Founder of Lennar Corp., one of the largest homebuilding companies in the U.S., died of liver cancer at age 69.
Sadako Tsutakawa Moriguchi - Matriarch of the multi-million dollar, family-owned, Seattle-based food distribution company Uwajimaya died of Alzheimer's at age 94.
Harry V. Quadracci - President of Quad Graphics, a multi-million dollar magazine printing company that printed Newsweek, Playboy, National Geographic, U. S. News & World Report, Time and Popular Mechanics, among others, accidently drowned at age 66.
Russian Tea Room - Fabled Manhattan restaurant known for its caviar, vodka and lavish decor closed its doors for the last time after 76 years.
Julius Tahija - Indonesian oil and banking businessman who was successful even without the support of dictator Suharto (when others weren't), died at age 86.
Vanguard Airlines - Kansas City based airline declared chapter 11 bankruptcy with no intention of re-opening laying off 1,100 employees and sticking countless ticketholders with worthless tickets (Can't help wonder what kind of bonuses the execs will be getting for this?).
Harry Walker - Founder of Harry Walker Agency, which books six -figure speaking appearances for luminaries such as Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger and Beverly Sills, died after surgery at age 85.
Ernest Watanabe - The "Rose King of Hawaii" who owned the largest flower wholesaler in Hawaii died at age 91.

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