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Life In Legacy - Week of July 20, 2002

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Rosco Gordon - Blues Legend Yousuf Karsh - Photographer Joaquin Balaguer - Dominican president Alan Lomax - Musicologist Paul Long - Newscaster Liddy Oldroyd - TV Director Debbie Gedzuis - Suspected child killer Benny Peled - Israeli commander Dr. Donald Johnson - Busy eye surgeon Marshall Leib - Teddy Bear Anthony Swithin - Author Patrick Bhola - Killed for $1 Jimmy Warfield - Cleveland Indian trainer Nelson 'The Admiral' Barrera - Mexican baseball legend Roger Awsumb - Casey Jones host Herman Rohrig - Green Bay Packer Billy Verbanas - Sharkcatcher Alfred Carey - Mariah's dad Claudinho - Brazilian pop singer Charles Burton - Explorer David Asseo - Turkish rabbi Shirley Nolan - Registry founder Pete Siebert - Vail founder Percy Yutar - Mandela prosecutor Samantha Runnion - Murdered John Gilbert - Corporate pest Arthur Lee Maye - R&B Singer Lee Maye (aka Arthur Lee Maye) - Baseball player Edwin Heafey - Noted trial attorney Jimmy Garcia - Tejano singer William Gorog - Business pioneer Col. Floyd Thompson - Longest-held POW John Cocke - Computer genius Paula McClure - Actress & TV hostess Carl Christiansen - USS Arizona survivor Joseph Luns - NATO head Frank Shea - Pitcher Walter McCrone - Father of modern microscopy Jack Olsen - True-crime author Aleksandr Ginzburg - Soviet dissident & Poet Paul Holt - Award-winning architect Russell Page - Dancer Richard De Haan - Evangelist Percy Ricks - Army groundbreaker Howard Rose - Magazine Editor Tracy Alan Hansen - Mississippi murderer Gerald Gallego - 'Sex slave' killer Dave Carter - Folk singer Kip Taylor - Old football player Mario Jaruna - Noted Brazilian congressman Bertram Wilson - WW2 hero Louis Laberge - Labor leader Eugenio Campolmi - Winemaker Andy Kirby - Race car driver Del Wilber - Baseball player and manager Ogden Kraut - Polygamy supporter Cortney Naisbitt - Ogden Hi-Fi victim Seymour Solomon - Record producer Stephen King - Gunshot victim Metin Toker - Turkey columnist Phil Roth - Actor Mary Armstrong - Olympic gold-medal runner Klaus Hummeler - Noted virologist Anne Burlak Timpson - Communist activist Bobby Worth – Composer Ashi Mehta - 3M photo scientist Lorraine Hofeller - Survived 1900 Galveston hurricane Dean Wheeler - Head of AOL's NewsChannel Morris 'Snake' Bailey - Football star at TCU Laurence Janifer - Science fiction author Maritta Wolff - 'Whistle Stop' author Book by Maritta Wolff Qi Qi - Captive dolphin Harmony House Records

News and Entertainment
Roger Awsumb - Children's show host as "Casey Jones" in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for 20 years during the 50's to 70's died of esophogeal cancer at age 74.
Alfred Carey - Retired aeronautical engineer and father of singer Mariah Carey died of cancer on July 4 at age 72.
Dave Carter - Portland-area folk singer who performed and recorded with partner Tracy Grammer who were just being discovered by a national audience died of a heart attack after jogging at age 49.
Claudinho (Claude Rodrigues de Mattos) - Brazilian pop singer and half of the duo Claudinho & Buchecha died in a car wreck at age 26.
Louise Klos Steiner Elian - Harpist who played on the scores of "Casablanca," "Gone With the Wind," and "King Kong" and wife of legendary composer Max Steiner died at age 96.
Jimmy Garcia - Lead singer of the tejano band "Los Garcia de Jimmy Garcia" who won Most Promising New Band and Album of the Year honors for its "La Rayita" LP at the 2001 Tejano Music Awards was killed in a car accident at age 27.
Rosco Gordon - Blues legend out of Memphis who recorded for Sam Phillips alongside greats Ike Turner, Howlin' Wolf, B.B. King, Little Milton, Johnny Ace and Bobby Blue Bland and who had hits like "Booted" and "Just A Little Bit" died of natural causes at age 74.
Marshall Leib - Record producer and one time member of The Teddy Bears singing group ("To Know Him Is To Love Him") with Phil Spector died of a heart attack (March 15) at age 63.
Alan Lomax - Musicologist, author, disc jockey, singer, photographer, talent scout, filmmaker, concert and recording producer and television host (whew!) who is known for traveling the U.S. (and world) recording, cataloging and discovering folk music (Cajun, hillbilly, gospel, Tex-Mex, country blues, ...) died at age 87.
Paul Long - Long-time Pittsburgh newscaster and personality died at age 86.
Arthur Lee Maye - Doo-wop singer (and baseball player Lee Maye - see below) who recorded both solo ("Gloria") and as a member of the Crowns ("Truly") died of liver cancer at age 67.
Paula McClure - Actress who appeared in the movie "Total Recall" and on TV's "Murphy Brown" and later hosted "Good Morning Dallas" died of brain cancer at age 40.
Liddy Oldroyd - Director of numerous British TV shows like "Drop The Dead Donkey" died of cancer at age 47.
Russell Page - Dancer in the Austrailian Bangarra Dance Theatre troup that performed at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympics in 2002 and had toured the U.S. this year committed suicide at age 34.
Phil Roth - Actor who appeared in the films "One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest", "Catch 22" and "What's Up Doc" died of colon cancer at age 74.
Seymour Solomon - Record producer and founder of Vanguard Records, early home of folk music stars Joan Baez and Buffy Sainte Marie, and one of the largest labels for classical music died at age 80.
Phyllis White - Author and Emmy-nominated television writer on shows like "The Tonight Show", "Flying Nunn", "Mission Impossible" and "Guiding Light" who was also a vice-president of the Writer's Guild of America died after a stroke at age 79.
Bobby Worth - Composer and lyricist who wrote big hits for Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby died at age 89.

Mary Armstrong - Runner who won the first of four world titles at age 15 in 1929 and won a gold metal in the 1932 Olympics died at age 88.
Morris "Snake" Bailey - Receiver at Texas Christian University who later played in the Canadian Football league died at the age of 77.
Nelson Barrera - All time homerun (455) and RBI (1944) leader in the Mexican Baseball League died in an accidental electrocution at age 44.
Andy Kirby - Busch series auto racer who was ranked 36th and was voted Rookie of the Year in NASCAR in 1990 was killed in a motorcycle crash (how else?) at age 41.
Lee Maye - Baseball player (and doo-wop singer - see above) who played outfield for 5 major league teams (including the Braves and Senators) in a 12 year career with a .274 lifetime average including 3 .300+ seasons died of liver cancer at age of 67.
Herman Rohrig - Football player who led Nebraska to the Rose Bowl in 1941 and later played 3 seasons for the Green Bay Packers died at age 84.
Frank Shea - Major league pitcher with the Yankees and Senators who won 2 games for the Yankees in the 1947 World Series and coached Robert Redford for the movie "The Natural" died at age 81.
Kip Taylor - Football player who scored the first touchdown ever in Michigan Stadium in a 33-0 win over Ohio Wesleyan, who was injured on the play and never played in another game but went on to coach at Oregon State died at age 94.
Billy Verbanas - Legendary Delaware shark fisherman who held several records for largest mako, thrasher and blue sharks died after being pulled overboard by a shark at age 41.
Jim Warfield - Cleveland Indian assistant trainer for nearly 30 years died of a brain hemorrhage at age 60.
Del Wilber - Major league catcher with the Cardinals, Phillies and Red Sox who later managed the Rangers for one game in 1973 (one of only 2 managers to go undefeated at 1-0!) died of cancer at age 83.

Art and Literature
Aleksandr Ginzberg - Soviet poet who spent nine years in prison for writing bitter poetry, critical of the Khrushchev and Brezhnev regimes died at age 65.
Laurence M. Janifer - Science-fiction author of books like "Alienist" and "The Counterfeit Heinlein" died of heart failure at age 69.
Yousuf Karsh - Photographer who traveled the world to photograph political and military leaders, as well as celebrated writers, artists and entertainers including the infamous Winston Churchill portrait died after surgery at age 93.
Ogden Kraut - Polygamist author who wrote "Jesus Was Married" and often served a spokesman for the polygamist community (I'm sure his name alone was a babe magnet - ladies, maybe there's an Ogden Kraut Jr.) died of liver cancer at age 75.
Jack Olsen - Author and former policeman who penned 31 true-crime novels including "Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell" died of a heart attack at age 77.
Howard Rose - Founder and editor of "The Radio Magazine" died unexpectedly after gall stone surgery at age 49
Anthony Swithin/William AS Sarjeant - Noted palentologist (William Sarjeant) and fantasy author (Anthony Swithin) who wrote "The Perilous Quest for Lyonesse" novels in the vein of "Lord of the Rings" died of cancer at age 67.
Metin Toker - One of Turkey's most prominent political newspaper columnists most famous for his writings about Turkey’s second president Ismet Inonu died at age 78.
Maritta Wolff - Enigmatic author of the acclaimed novel "Whistle Stop" who suddenlty stopped writing after several best sellers but who kept a complete unpublished novel in her refrigerator for years died at age 83.

Politics and Military
Joaquin Balaguer - Former president and one of the most powerful men in Dominican Republic history and one of Latin America's last "caudillos" died of heart failure at age 95.
Carl Christiansen - The youngest survivor of the bombing of the USS Arizona by the Japanese, which killed his older brother, died of cancer at age 79.
Mario Juruna - A Xavante Indian who became the first and only Indian to be elected to Congress in Brazil and became a figure of great significance to the Indian population there died from diabetes complications at age 58.
Louis Laberge - Powerful labor figure in Quebec who headed the Quebec Federation of Labor from 1964 to 1991 died of a heart attack at age 78.
Thomas Laird - Retired Chief of Geographic Names of the U.S. Interior Department (what a cool job - to come up with names for places!) died of a heart ailment at age 83.
Joseph Luns - NATO chief during the cold war years from 1971 to 1984 died at the age of 90.
Benny Peled - Isreali air force commander during the Yom Kippur War and later the true life rescue "Raid on Entebbe" (his character portrayed in the film by John Saxon) died at age 74.
Sgt. Percy Ricks - One of the first black noncommissioned officers in the Army who was put in charge of an integrated unit after it became desegregated in 1946 died at age 82.
Lt. Col Bertram Russell - World War II hero as a member of the Tuskogee airmen who shot down four enemy planes died in an accidental drowning at age 81.
Col. Floyd Thompson - Soldier who spent 9 years in a prisoner of war camp from 1964 to 1973, the longest-held POW of the Vietnam War was found dead at age 69.

Social and Religion
Rabbi David Asseo - Chief rabbi in Muslim-dominated Turkey since 1960 who promoted inter-religious understanding died at age 88.
Patrick Bhola - Homeless Brooklyn boy who was stabbed and beaten to death then stuffed in a closet in a dispute over one dollar, was 13 years old.
Richard De Haan - Radio and TV preacher on the "Day of Discovery" TV program and "Radio Bible Class" radio broadcast for more than 30 years died of Parkinson's disease at age 79.
Gerald Gallego - Notorious "sex slave killer" in Nevada who was convicted of kidnapping and murdering two 17-yr old girls in 1980 (with his wife as accomplice) died of cancer at age 56.
Debbie Gedzius - Woman suspected of murdering all 6 of her children as infants and claiming they died of SIDS (she was also suspected of killing her husband) but was never charged, died in a car accident at age 47.
Tracy Alan Hansen - Murderer convicted of gunning down a state trooper in 1987 and the first prisoner executed in Mississippi since 1989 was executed by lethal injection at age 39.
Lorraine Hofeller - One of the oldest known survivors of the 1900 Galveston hurricane that killed 6,000 to 8,000 people and pretty much destroyed the city died at age 106.
Stephen King - Boy who was shot (accidently) in the head while attending a gun show in Norcross, Georgia with his father died. He was 13.
Cortney Naisbitt - One of two victims to survive the 1974 Ogden Hi-Fi Shop robbery after being shot in the head in which three people, including his mother, were killed (story portrayed in the film "A Test Of Love") and who suffered brain damage and lifelong disabilities died at age 44.
Qi Qi - The only highly-endangered Yangtze River dolphin ever held in captivity who after years of trying unsuccessfully to breed died of old age at 25.
Shirley Nolan - British woman who created the Anthony Nolan Trust, a worldwide registry of bone marrow donors, in memory of her son, committed suicide after suffering with Parkinsons at age 60.
Samantha Runnion - Stanton California girl kidnapped by a man claiming he needed help finding a lost dog was found dead. She was 5 years old.
Anne Burlak Timpson - Communist activist nicknamed "The Red Flame from Hell" who helped organize the National Textile Workers Union in the late 20's died at age 91.
Percy Yutar - The prosecutor in the 1964 Rivonia trial which sent Nelson Mandela and others to jail for 25 years but who met with Mandela in 1995 in a gesture of reconciliation died at the age of 90.

Business and Science
Charles Burton - Explorer who was part of a team that was the first to circumnavigate the earth from pole to pole over a 3 year period and who played a game of cricket on the South Pole died of a heart attack at age 59.
Eugenio Campolmi - Tuscany winemaker whose Merlot called Messorio achieved a cult following among wine collectors around the world died of lung cancer at age 40.
John Cocke - Eccentric, much-awarded computer pioneer who designed the microprocessor (RISC chip design)used in most large, powerful computers used today in a long career at IBM died after a stroke at age 77.
John Gilbert - Flamboyant "activist" for shareholders who would attend corporate board meetings at companies all over the U.S., often wearing a clown nose, badgering CEO's to implement fair and honest business practices to procect the little investors (boy we could sure use him today) died at the age of 88.
William Gorog - Founder and CEO of Data Corporation, which in the 60's was one of the first companies to build computer data systems for business and who was later an advisor to Gerald Ford died of lung cancer at age 76.
Harmony House Records - Michigan-based music chain is going out of business after 50 years.
James Heidrich - Developer of a margarine-making machine in the 30's that revolutionized the way margarine was made died of heart failure at age 90.
Edwin Heafey Jr. - Director and chairman of the Crosby Heafey Roach & May law firm and author of "California Trial Objections", a definitive textbook on trial law in California died of cancer at age 71.
Paul Holt - Award-winning architect who is best known for designing technical buildings (Energy Services Facility at UCLA) and monuments (Astronauts Memorial at the Kennedy Space Center) died of colon cancer at age 50.
Dr. Klaus Hummeler - Researcher and virologist whose work led to vaccines for polio and rabies and who developed diagnostic tests for 25 viruses died of bone cancer at age 80.
Dr. Donald Johnson - Pioneering ophthalmologist who is thought to have performed more laser surgery operations than anyone in North America was killed in a car accident at age 60.
Walter C. McCrone - The father of modern microscopy who perfected gleaning of information from fibers, spores, etc. using a microscope and is most famous for proving the Shroud of Turin is a fake (showing it was a 13th century painting) died at age 86.
Ashwani "Achi" Mehta - Scientist at 3M who helped develop film coatings for color film that helped 3M compete with Kodak died of a heart attack at age 68.
Pete Siebert - Founder of the Vail mountain resort in 1959 which has become one of the premier (and richest) ski resorts in the world died of esophogeal cancer at age 77.
Dean B. Wheeler - Head of AOL's NewsChannel who was responsible for turning it into one of the busiest news sites in the world died of cancer at age 50.

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