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Life In Legacy - Week of June 14, 2002

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John Gotti – Mob boss Bill Blass – Fashion designer Donald Frederickson – NIH head Benjamin Ward – New York police commissioner Maxwell Rabb – Eisenhower cabinet member Brother Damian Larson – Weather monk Truck Parham – Jazz bassist Bill Jennings – Nebraska football coach Tom McMahon – College football defensive coordinator William J Ryan – ‘Blaming The Victim’ author Tahseen Bashir – Egyptian diplomat Lily Chin – Fought for justice John Hope – Hurricane forecaster Malcolm Bosse - Author Kosho Otani - Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha leader Nils Ringertz – Cell geneticist Ralph Shapey - Composer Zena Sutherland – Children’s lit expert Curtis Amy – Sax player June Jordan - Poet Stanley Greigg Mark Kram - Sportswriter Martin Aronstein - Broadway lighting designer R.W.B. Lewis - Author Ted Elliot - Ecosystem scientist Kenneth Hardy – Teacher fired for using racial slur

News and Entertainment
Curtis Amy - Sax player (and husband of R&B singer Merry Clayton) best known for his work on classic albums by The Doors and Carole King died at age 72.
Martin Aronstein - Five time Tony award nominee for lighting who designed the lights for such shows as "Peter Pan" and "Cactus Flower" died of heart failure at age 65.
Bill Blass – Fashion designer known for bringing sportswear into fashion in the U.S. died of cancer at age 79.
Truck Parham - Chicago-based jazz bassist who appeared both solo and on many different jazz recordings over the years died of complications of kidney disease at age 91.
Ralph Shapey - Contemporary composer who was regarded as one of the most important and original died of heart and kidney failure at age 81.

Bill Jennings – Former football coach at Univ. of Nebraska best known for coaching the team that snapped Oklahoma’s 47 game winning streak in 1959 died of prostrate cancer at 84.
Mark Kram - Author and former sportswriter at Sports Illustrated who penned "Ghosts of Manila" about the Ali/Frasier rivalry died of a heart attack at 69.
Tom McMahon – Defensive coordinator for the University of Colorado football program died of cancer at age 53.

Art & Literature
Malcolm Bosse - Author of historical fiction such as "The Warlord" and "Ganesh" died of esophogael cancer at 75.
June Jordan - Poet and author who was one of the most prolific black writers in America died of breast cancer at age 55.
R.W.B. Lewis - Pulitzer prize winning author of "Edith Wharton: A Biography" died at age 84.
William J. Ryan – Sociologist who wrote one of the all-time academic best selling books “Blaming The Victim” died of congestive heart failure at age 78.
Zena Sutherland - Expert on children's literature whose five volumes of "Children and Literature" are considered the definitive textbooks on the subject died at age 86.

Politics and Social
Tahseen Bashir – Often quoted Egyptian diplomat who served as the spokesman for both Presidents Nassar and Sadat died of cancer at 77.
Lily Chin – Chinese immigrant who fought for justice after the men who murdered her son in a hate crime were sentenced to probation in 1982 in Michigan died of cancer at age 81.
John Gotti – Powerful mafia head of Gambino crime family finally, finally died of throat cancer at age 61.
Stanley Greigg - Former Iowa congressman best known for filing the complaint that opened the Watergate investigation died of a heart attack at age 71.
Kenneth Hardy - Kentucky college professor fired in 1998 for using racial slurs during a communications class on the use of racial slurs died of lung cancer at age 45.
Brother Damian Larson – Known as “The Weather Monk” due to his interest in meteorology, he was one of the 2 monks gunned down by crazed gunman Lloyd Robert Jeffress at the Conception Abbey. He was 64.
Kosho Otani - Leader of the 10 million-member Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha Buddhist sect in Japan died at age 90.
Maxwell Rabb – Former Eisenhower cabinet secretary and ambassador to Italy under Reagan died after a fall at age 91.
Benjamin Ward – The first black police commissioner of New York City died of asthma effects at age 75.

Business and Science
Edward "Ted" Elliot - Pioneering ecosystem scientist died of cancer at age 50.
Donald Frederickson – Former head of National Institute of Health and a leading genetic researcher on the links between fats and heart disease died of in an apparent drowning at age 77.
John Hope - Hurricane forecast expert who appeared for over 20 years on The Weather Channel died after heart surgery at age 83.
Henry Kotkins – Luggage magnate known as “Superman of the Suitcase” as head of Skyway luggage died while vacationing in Portugal at age 90.
Nils Ringertz - Cell geneticist who served on the committee that chooses the Nobel prize died at age 69.

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